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TGB Express Highly efficient delivery and promotional vehicle

Multi-secure delivery box

Side stand on both side

Front wheel with hydraulic disc brake

Parking lights with easily accessible switch

Al Nachas

The Al Nachas Group was founded in 2011 as Khalaf Al Nachas Trading, and now also includes Al Nachas Motorcycle Maintenance. Based in Dubai, Al Nachas has quickly established itself as the only supplier of purpose-built delivery bikes in the region, and has since added all-terrain-vehicles and other exciting non-commercial vehicles to its range. Al Nachas always strives to break new ground, and now operates the region's first mobile service-station.


Taiwan Golden Bee was established in 1965 by Chi-Fu Chang, the man formerly responsible for the Taiwanese division of Vespa. TGB took the advanced engineering principles developed at Vespa, and applied them to its own range of bikes, scooters and all-terrain-vehicles.The result is a range of vehicles that combines exquisite style with flawless engineering, and the Al Nachas Group is proud to be bringing them to the UAE for the first time.

Our Clients

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