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Bike Mechanic

Most Recent Job


  1. Doing Bike repair works
  2. Dismantle engines and repair or replace defective parts, such as magnetos, carburetors, and generators.
  3. Remove cylinder heads, grind valves, and scrape off carbon, and replace defective valves, pistons, cylinders and rings, using hand tools and power tools.
  4. Hammer out dents and bends in frames, weld tears and breaks; then reassemble frames and reinstall engines.
  5. Repair or replace other parts, such as headlights, horns, handlebar controls, gasoline and oil tanks, starters, and mufflers.
  6. Repair and adjust motorcycle subassemblies such as forks, transmissions, brakes, and drive chains, according to specifications.
  7. Replace defective parts, using hand tools, arbor presses, flexible power presses, or power tools.
  8. Reassemble and test subassembly units.
  9. Disassemble subassembly units and examine condition, movement or alignment of parts visually or using gauges.
  10. Any other task as assigned by the Management.


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